Monday, 26 July 2010

False nails!?!?!


So, this is just gonna be a really short post for today,
But I was wondering if any of you know of a good way of removing false nails in a way which doesnt ruin them, and so you can reuse them?

you'll see why in an upcoming post!



Sunday, 25 July 2010

No7 Liplicious Colour Collection Swatches!!


Well, I got these lip glosses as a present ages ago and so I'm not sure if their still sold. I looked on the boots website and I couldn't find them :/
Anyway here's the swatches;

Colour Names, from left to right:
Caramel, Jelly Bean, Marshmallow, Cherry Kiss, Angel Cake.

I think you might be able to buy these seperatly, I havent checked. But just thought I'd show you the swatches!

So hope you all have a great Sunday!!!

Friday, 23 July 2010

EOTD!! :)

Helloooo!!!! :)

Well here is another eye of the day for you all!

For this look, I used:
  • Revlon Eyeglide - 01 Pearl
  • A little eyeshadow palette
  • No7 Intense Volume Mascara
  • Random Black Eyeliner

First of all I started by using the Revlon Eyeglide in the shade pearl all over the eyelid, right up to the eyebrow as a base.

The eyeshadows I used was out of this little palette. I got it a long time ago so I can't remember where.
In the pan the colours look quite shimmery but when on the eye it doesn't. You can always find similar colours.

I packed on the silver colour (top row, middle colour) on the lid.
I then added some of the dark grey/black colour (top row, third colour) into the crease.
I used the white (top left colour) as a highlight and I added some into my inner corner.
To complete the look I added some black eyeliner, and No7 Intense Volume Mascara.

Also If you wanted you could add some false lashes [which I don't have :( ]
Or some black liquid eye liner.
And for the lips I wore just a nude pink coloured lipgloss.

But all in all, I love this simple look.
And here is the finished look; (sorry, I got a little camera happy! lol)

Primark Haul!

Hellloooo!!!! :)

Well, I just love Primark lol. Most of the time, for me anyways, the clothes are either a hit or miss. And this time for me it was defiantly a miss :L
But as for the jewellery and hair accessories they have some lovely things in xD
I could have bought lots more but I had to be sensible lmao
I went there last week; So here is what I got;

Firstly I got this Snake ring, I have been looking at it for quite a while and finally I decided to get it. It was £2 and I just lovvveeeee it :)
Before Primark got this ring in, they had a snake bangle which was lovely...really wish I had of gotten it now. Unfortunately they dont seem to do it anymore :(

The I got these lovely owl ear rings. They are soo quirky! I have seen quite a few owl accessories out there and so I had to pick these up. they were £2.

I got these beautiful flower clips, which I just love clipping one into my hair when I can' be bothered to do anything with it, and it makes a nice look. These were only £1.50.

And finally, I got these cute clips. One is a shiny bow with a flower in the centre and the other is a simple pearl design. I love these, they just dress up any hairstyle. And these were also £1.50.

Thanks for coming by!! Have you bought anything nice out of Primark recently?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Dior Giveway!!

Laura Beth is doing a giveaway for the new Diorshow maximizer

Thanks for stopping by!!!

1001 Little Beauty Miracles Daily Tips!!!

Helloooo!!! :)

Stay out of the sun!
90% of problems associated with ageing are the result of too much sun exposure, so the best thing you can do to help your skin stay young is to avoid the sun.

Get your beauty sleep!
Sleep is one of the best ways to reduce the signs of ageing, by allowing skin to replenish overnight. If you can't sleep, make sure your room isn't too hot - the deepest sleep occurs if your atmospere is 18-24° C.

Get lippy!
For an anti-ageing make up effect, keep the eyes bare and wear a strong colour on the lips. This will draw attention away from lines and wrinkles around the eyes and emphasise the shape of the lips and lower jaw,giving a more youthful appearance.

Thanks for stopping by!

Review: Pearl Drops Replenishing White Liquid Calcium Toothpolish 50ML

Hello Lovlies!! :)

Firstly, I just want to say that Church & Dwight UK Ltd, the producers of the Pearl Drops range, wanted to send me a complementary product after reviewing their Pearl Drops Toothpolish .

Any reviews that I do on a product, has been bought with my own hard earned cash, and if I have been sent something from a company I will always tell you. As I think that being honest is important and I wouldn't want anyone being mislead into thinking I had purchased it. Also, just because I have been sent a product doesn't mean that the review can be positive. Just like any product, weather you have paid for it or not, it can have its negatives. So any reviews I do, I will give you my honest opinion on it. Whether the review is a positive or negative one, I feel, that it is important for you, the reader, and also very important for the company to help them see the positives and negatives in the product.

So, with my little ramble over lets get talking about the company and the product!! :)

Where is Church & Dwight UK Ltd based and what else do they produce?
Church & Dwight are based in Kent and they have been around for quite some time.
They produce quite a wide range of things, such as;

Arm and HammerNairFirst Responsefemfresh
SterimarAnne FrenchCossackArrid
Orange GloOxi CleanKaboomLinco Beer

So as you can see they produce quite alot, from Condoms, Pregnancy tests, to hair removal and cleaning products!

What did you receive?
I recieved the Pearl Drops Replenishing White Liquid Calcium Toothpolish. It's a 50ml tube.
Which looks like this:

What does this product claim to do?

On their website, it says;

Pearl Drops Replenishing White toothpolish takes years off your smile with breakthrough teeth- whitening technology; containing Liquid Calcium to replenish your tooth’s brilliant white surface enamel.

The only existing anti-aging teeth whitener.

Reverses the damage done to surface enamel and continues to protect against future damage.

Pearl Drops contains no harsh abrasives, bleaches or acidic pH.

What is really appealing about it, is that it contains no harsh abrasives, bleaches or acidic pH, which in the long term will not have any bad effect or damage on your teeth! :)

The packaging?
The first thing that stands out about the packaging is the pump design, I love it. It is different and makes it stand out from the rest. The colours used is also appealing, the use of white, gold and blue, all help give it a stylish, modern, clean look. One other point is, that it stand upright unlike a tube.

The smell?
Just like the other Pearl Drops Toothpolish, it has a great minty/spearminty smell which I love. It also helps waken you up in the morning hehe.

How it's used?
On The packaging it recommends to use it twice a day (just like a toothpaste). I, however, brush my teeth with my usual toothpaste beforehand and then use a small amount of the toothpolish to brush my teeth. I do this twice a day. With this I was suprised with how little you had to use. There is quite a good lather/foam with it - just like a toothpaste. Whereas with the Original Pearl Drops Toothpolish it wasn't like this. So I much prefer this Replenishing White Liquid Calcium Toothpolish.

The taste?
Now this seems to be the only downfall of the product, is that it has an unusual taste. I think it's because of the added calcium. However, the taste is not that bad that it makes you feel like you have to vomit. lol. It's still nice and minty.

The results?
I am really happy with the results, and you can tell the difference in my teeth.
well what more can I say, I've never seen my teeth soo white! :L

Where can you buy it?
You can buy it at Boots or Superdrug for £7.99. At the minute, boots have it 3 for 2, so it would be worth going there. I'm sure there's other stores that stock it aswell.

I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Maria Burrell and Stacey Foster for giving me the opportunity to try this product!

Well, if you are still reading, I just want to say well done for reading this far lol, I didnt realise it was going to be so long!
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. :)
And if you have tried any of the Pearl Drops please let me know what you thought!

Thanks for dropping by! xD

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

1001 Little Beauty Miracles Daily Tips!!!

Hellooooo!!!! :)

To point or angle?
If you are plucking areas like the eyebrow, chin or upper lip, choose angled tweezers for targeted hair removal - the slant makes it easier to grasp and to pluck in the direction of the hair growth, which reduces redness and the pain. Pointed tweezers should only be used to pluck exact short hairs.

Condition and shave

If you have run out out of shaving foam, use hair conditioner when shaving legs. Because it's smooth, it will stop the skin dragging and help you shave smoothly without stretching the skin.

Shake and wax

when waxing your hair at home, first shake talcum powder over the area to be waxed as this helps the strip to rip and be more effective!

Thanks for coming by!

Small George @ ASDA Haul!!!


I was at ASDA a few weeks ago and got 2 things in their sale.
I just never got round to uploading it.
So here it is :)

Firstly I got this cute t-shirt;

As you can see it says, 'shop till you drop'
It was £8 down to £5
It has cute little jewels on the bow and the top is a slighty longer length which I like, and overall I think its cuteeeeee. :)

I then got these lovely heart earrings.
Any they were £2 down to £1.
And I just love theeemmmmm :)

I'll really have to go to ASDA again lol
check out what they've got.
thanks for dropping by!!