Friday, 23 July 2010

Primark Haul!

Hellloooo!!!! :)

Well, I just love Primark lol. Most of the time, for me anyways, the clothes are either a hit or miss. And this time for me it was defiantly a miss :L
But as for the jewellery and hair accessories they have some lovely things in xD
I could have bought lots more but I had to be sensible lmao
I went there last week; So here is what I got;

Firstly I got this Snake ring, I have been looking at it for quite a while and finally I decided to get it. It was £2 and I just lovvveeeee it :)
Before Primark got this ring in, they had a snake bangle which was lovely...really wish I had of gotten it now. Unfortunately they dont seem to do it anymore :(

The I got these lovely owl ear rings. They are soo quirky! I have seen quite a few owl accessories out there and so I had to pick these up. they were £2.

I got these beautiful flower clips, which I just love clipping one into my hair when I can' be bothered to do anything with it, and it makes a nice look. These were only £1.50.

And finally, I got these cute clips. One is a shiny bow with a flower in the centre and the other is a simple pearl design. I love these, they just dress up any hairstyle. And these were also £1.50.

Thanks for coming by!! Have you bought anything nice out of Primark recently?


  1. i'm obsessed with snake jewellery, that ring looks gorgeous, why do they never have such nice things in my local primark!

  2. aww thats unluck!
    I love any unusual pieces of jewellery. lol