Sunday, 20 February 2011

Heyy!! Im back!!!

Hello Everyone!!! :)
sorry it has been so long, ive just been soo busy! just wanted to make a quick post (using a new app i have on my phone hehe) to say im still here lol
so how are you all? hope ur all doing well :) have a good Christmas?
speak laters :)
ps a big hello to Olivia!! havent spoke to u in ages. xx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hmm can this be right??

Helloo Lovlies!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently!

Well, I was on the New Look website, Looking at their shoes (as you do hehe)
And I cam across these.....
Surely that can't be right?

Yea, that's right!! It appears that these shoes are FREE!!!!
Hmm I think there is a mistake, what do you all think?

Thursday, 5 August 2010



Yesterday I was contacted by the lovely Amada from They are an online gift registry service that lets you add items from anywhere to your wish list. They are launching a new beauty area on their site. And Amanda wanted me to be a Beauty Expert there! :)
And of course, I said yes!

Being a beauty expert involves;
me creating my own profile where I can add beauty items that I want or recommend. Wishpot will then feature these items on there beauty and shop home pages, as well as with other beauty experts.

I am also considering doing a guest blog post! So does any of you have any good ideas on what I could write about?

And here is my badge :)
Wishpot Expert Badge

So please check it out! Thanks again to Amanda, for inviting me! And thanks to you for reading! :)

Got an Epilator at last!!!


I finally made the plunge, and bought an epilator.
I got it out of Argos;

Was: £39.99 Now: £26.59
Check out the link for more details.

It comes with these 2 attachments, and a cute, little cleaning brush.

I have only used it once so far, so I cant do a proper in depth review yet.
First impressions are, its a pretty looking epilator And I found it didn't hurt as much as I thought especially on the underarms...I barely felt anything. However it does hurt more on the legs (I have only been able to cope with doing the bottom of my legs, the thigh areas was too painful :/ )

Well, I will keep you all updated, and let you know what I think. There will be a proper review to come.
Thanks for coming by :)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

NOTD & Review!!!

Hellloooo Lovlies!!!

So this is my first NOTD!

And I decided to use these lovely Revlon nails!
They are from the 'Runway Collection', '91104 Studio'.

So this is the second time I have ever tried false nails. The first time was just a cheap pack of false nails, they were terrible and they really did look fake. Also the glue was awful and so they kept falling off :(
So whilst trying these I didn't have high expectations. But I have been very surprised and I'm really happy with how they are lasting.

So here is some pictures;

Like I said I was pleasantly surprised.
If you frequently use false nails, then you have the technique on how to apply them perfectly but since this is my first time applying them in ages I think I done a pretty good job. Do you have any tips on applying the glue etc?
The glue is really long lasting, as this is my 5th day of wearing them.
I love the length as they are not too long, just a very natural length.
Overall, I am extremely happy, they are long-lasting, haven't chipped. So I would defiantly look into more false nails in the Revlons range.
However with me working Saturdays I have to remove them for hygiene reasons (as I work with food) which is a bummer! lol

So have you tried any of Revlons false nails? Any application tips?

thanks for dropping by!!!

Monday, 2 August 2010



So about 2/3 weeks ago I was contacted by Nailene! :)

So please check them all out.

I was contacted by the lovely Melissa, she offered to send me some Nailene products to try out. And also, since they work with Revlon Lashes and False nails she offered to send me some of those too. So I gratefully accepted. Melissa replied back to all my questions very quickly, which I was impressed with.

And so, about a week later the package arrived.
I was soo suprised when I saw the delivery man, as I wasn't expecting such a big box lol
It was all packed up soo lovely!! :)

This is what I was sent, (sorry I'm a little camera happy here and took quite a few pictures!)

I got these lovely false nails.
  • They are from the 'couture' range (I'm assuming).
  • They are '71165 Safari'.
  • Runway Designs
  • Latest Fashion Look.
  • Medium Length.
  • Square Shape.
  • 24 Nails.
  • 12 Sizes.
  • Glue included
I just love the cute little zebra tips with the hints of silver sparkle, so cute and ideal for a night out!

  • These sleek, modern nails are appropriately titled '71176 Black Tie'
  • They have an improved look and feel, guaranteed.
  • Chip Proof.
  • Short Length.Use with Nailene Glue.
  • 24 Nails.
I love the black tips as they are different and with the silver line it adds a nice sophisticated twist. Very stylish and could be worn to work (if your allowed to have you nails done lol)

  • These are the 'So Natural' False Nails. '71000'
  • Short Length.
  • Square Shape.
  • 24 Nails. 12 Different Sizes.
  • No Chip Tips, Guaranteed.
  • Chip Proof Technology. 3X Longer Wear, More Comfort, More Natural.
This are lovely stylish nails that could be worn everyday. I think they look great.

These cute little nail stickers which I haven't seen before.
  • These are the 'Bedazzle Nail Art Fashionista'
  • Over 300 Stickers.
I'm excited to use these, there will be lots of NOTD's coming up hehe.

These other lovely stickers. :)
  • These are the 'Bedazzle Nail Art Earth Angel'
  • Over 100 Stickers.
I love. love, love the look of these. Sooo cute. And I think they would look great on the toes too :)

  • This is Nailene's 'Salon Quality, Nail Studio, Professional Gel Glue.
  • For artificial and natural nails.
  • Pink.
  • Bonds in seconds.
  • Long Lasting.
I'm sure this will come in handy! :)

Just some cute little nail gems!

Then onto the Revlon stuff I was sent!

This is the Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive, to be used along side their lashes.

These stylish false nails. '91104 Studio' Theres 28 nails in 12 sizes. And they come with the glue.

These lovely lashes are '91002 Intensifying'. From 'Fantasy Lengths'.

These are '91169 Long Volumizing'. From 'Beyond Natural'.

And finally these are '9950 Defining'. From 'Fantasy Lengths'.

Pheww that was alot of pictures, and Nailene had sent me alot of products. So thank you soo much!
You can purchase Nailene products at Asda and Boots.
And you can purchase Revlon products at various drugstores as its widely available; such as, Boots and Superdrug.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be doing reviews on all the products, aswell as EOTD's and NOTD's!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Little Haul!


Well sorry theres been no posts lately. I've been in the middle of doing a Nailene post but i just haven't got round to finishing it lol.
So, I was up town and picked up these two products from Poundland!

Firstly I picked up this 'Pantene Pro-v Restoratives Breakage Defence Strengthening Lotion'.
Thought I'd give this a try to see if it will help my split ends, and all the ends breaking off.

'Leaves weak and exhausted hair more resistant to breakage, strengthening its ability to withstand combing damage.'

So lets hope thats what it does. It has a really nice smell. I'm really looking forward to trying this and and reviewing it for you all! :)

And finally I got Nair Hair Removal Cream. This one is for Tough Hair. So i thjought that it was worth a try!

So yea, looking forward to trying this and reviewing :)

As with everything in Poundland, these were only '£1'!!!
Poundland have some great looking products so you should defiantly check them out :D