Thursday, 5 August 2010



Yesterday I was contacted by the lovely Amada from They are an online gift registry service that lets you add items from anywhere to your wish list. They are launching a new beauty area on their site. And Amanda wanted me to be a Beauty Expert there! :)
And of course, I said yes!

Being a beauty expert involves;
me creating my own profile where I can add beauty items that I want or recommend. Wishpot will then feature these items on there beauty and shop home pages, as well as with other beauty experts.

I am also considering doing a guest blog post! So does any of you have any good ideas on what I could write about?

And here is my badge :)
Wishpot Expert Badge

So please check it out! Thanks again to Amanda, for inviting me! And thanks to you for reading! :)


  1. What a great opportunity for you! Well done! :) x

  2. Thanks!
    The girl found me on twitter lol which was suprising. Do you have twitter?

  3. That sounds like a cool website :)

    Will have to check it out x

  4. Yea, you should, its pretty fun :)
    thanks for commenting. you got any upcoming youtube videos? xD xxx

  5. Hey girl i tagged you in a tag on my page <3

  6. Heyy! Thanks! I'll go and check it out now :) xx