Thursday, 5 August 2010

Got an Epilator at last!!!


I finally made the plunge, and bought an epilator.
I got it out of Argos;

Was: £39.99 Now: £26.59
Check out the link for more details.

It comes with these 2 attachments, and a cute, little cleaning brush.

I have only used it once so far, so I cant do a proper in depth review yet.
First impressions are, its a pretty looking epilator And I found it didn't hurt as much as I thought especially on the underarms...I barely felt anything. However it does hurt more on the legs (I have only been able to cope with doing the bottom of my legs, the thigh areas was too painful :/ )

Well, I will keep you all updated, and let you know what I think. There will be a proper review to come.
Thanks for coming by :)


  1. I got a video camera from argos the other day - my first time using Argos EVER.... and I have to say it wasnt that bad. :-)

  2. I've gotten things out of Argos before. Sometimes its a hit or miss. Cause some products can be faulty. But there great for getting a bargin lol
    And I havent seen this epilator cheaper anywhere else :) xxxx