Wednesday, 21 July 2010

1001 Little Beauty Miracles Daily Tips!!!

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To point or angle?
If you are plucking areas like the eyebrow, chin or upper lip, choose angled tweezers for targeted hair removal - the slant makes it easier to grasp and to pluck in the direction of the hair growth, which reduces redness and the pain. Pointed tweezers should only be used to pluck exact short hairs.

Condition and shave

If you have run out out of shaving foam, use hair conditioner when shaving legs. Because it's smooth, it will stop the skin dragging and help you shave smoothly without stretching the skin.

Shake and wax

when waxing your hair at home, first shake talcum powder over the area to be waxed as this helps the strip to rip and be more effective!

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