Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Review: Miners Eye Shades Eye Shadow Stick

Hello Beauties!!! xD

I bought these two eye shadow sticks quite a while ago, and they have lasted me as i would use them quite often.

The colours are; Sky on top and Californian Lilac


Sky is on the left and Californian Lilac is on the right!

So Where can I buy them and How much are they?
You can buy them from the Miners site and on there they are priced at £3.49 each
However, i did not buy them from their website, i got mines from a local drugstore (Y)

What is the packaging like?
It is in a black, sleek pen shape. The lid stays on nice and securly which is good because i hate make up lids coming off and the product going all over my make up bag. I also like how on the end they have a clear piece that shows the colour which comes in really handy. However, the colour name is written in very small writing. The writing is also in a nice girly, attractive font (or so I think so lol) And can easily go in you handbag.

How do you apply it?
This is a big plus with this product. You dont need to stick your fingers in any pots or use a brush. Because of its handy design, being in a pen/stick format it makes applying sooo simple. so if your looking for a quick colour on the eyelid you can just sweep this on quickly going out of the door without having to worry about dirty fingers or brushes.

What is the product formulation like?
This product is nice and soft and smooth to apply. With great pigmentation, as you can see from the swatches. This product would also be great for people who have dry lids. It is a little glittery, its not chunky glitter, its more of a shimmer which I think looks great. I only wished I had of tried some more different shades.

What would you rate it out of 10 and would you repurchase?
I would most defiantly rate it 10/10 as it helps to give me colour to my eyes even when i cant be bothered to do eyeshadow and have to get out brushes etc. It's simple and it's fast. I would repurchase it, I would love to try different shades and anything else from the Miners range.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!

If you haven't noticed, I have sort of changed the way I do a review. Whereas before I listed the pros and cons (which I still might do) but I have decided to do a Q&A to make it a little different and hopefully that way you will have gained a little more information on the product!

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Anyway, before I ramble on anymore thanks for reading and I hope you found this review somewhat helpful!!! And If you have tried anything from the Miners range please let me know what you thought!


  1. I love the colours! :) xx

  2. Me too Olivia! I would love to have tried the other colours, think they have a nice goldish (Y)
    have you tried anything by Miners?