Friday, 25 June 2010

Clothing Haul!!!!

Helloo lovelies!!!

With the weather being so nice last week, I made a trip to ASDA, as theres not one near me!
An this is what I got! :D
First of all i wanted to get some basic vest t-shirts

This is a lovely orangey/red colour (which hasnt came up too well in the pic) And It was £3

I then got the exact same vest in a pinky/coral colour also for £3

I also got a vest in a deep purple colour, the only difference is it has a V-n
eck. Sorry there is no picture...its in the wash lol
It was also £3 Bargin!!
I got these two lovely tops for £6 which is a complete Bargin!! The first one has got lovely coloured flower print with a grey background, and the second one is a pinky/coral colour.

I got these super cute pyjamas! It consists of a vest and shorts, great for the hot nights! And these were only £6

There is some great stuff in George at asda, so you should check it out!

Thanks for reading!!

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