Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Asda Haul!!!

Well I've made another trip to ASDA!!
I've become like addicted to buying from the George range! I just love it!

Firstly, I got a pair of 3/4 Denim Jeggings. Since I already am obsessed Jeggings, I thought with the weather getting warmer it would be nicer to wear 3/4. And these were £8.

Next I got some trainer/plimsolls/flats/pumps (I dont know what the correct name for them is, lol)
They sell them in a variety of colours - pink, green, white and grey and propbably other colours that I cant remember lol
I got them in the grey, simply because they actually had my size in them and they will go with everything, making a change from black! And theses were £6.
I know you can get ones from Primark at £2 and £4, but I much prefer these as they are a better fit and have better grip on them.

And on the inside there is a lovely floral sole and grey and white stripes round the edge. Which is very pretty! And they were only £2!

Next I got a pack of two super cute Butterfly hair grips/clips. And they were £2. They look really shiny and can glam up any boring hair-do.

And finally I got two pairs of super cute earrings, and they were £1 each! And they will go with almost everthing.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. o those clips n earrings are so cute!
    kelly be sure to enter my giveaway! :-}

  2. I really miss living somewhere with a good Asda, I used to get loads of clothes from there. I really like those plimsolls, I could do with some like that.

  3. Thanks Jasmine!! Oh and i will check out your competition! :)
    @primp and preen - yea i love asda, i dont have one in my town, its in the next town lol its either a famine or a feast when i got there. one time i could get lots of things and next day i might see nothing lmao Whats your name btw?

  4. Im loving those earrings :) and Im gonna check out the George 3/4 jeggings.
    Nice haul sweetie.